Eliminate one of the biggest obstacles to a joy-filled life.



Who wants to experience the fruit of the Spirit rather than just study it?

Who wants to silence the voices of self-doubt?

Who wants more of God’s love?

You don’t have to wait until you get to heaven.

It's rare to participate in a class that can do an equally good job of feeding your own soul and equipping you for soul care to others at the same time. Grace for Shame is nourishing, refreshing, equipping, and empowering all at the same time.

Pastor Steve Turnbull, Ohio

Why it Matters

Shame is one of the most devastating feelings you can have. Yet it often operates under the radar so people don’t even know it’s what they are dealing with.


Shame magnifies our problems and minimizes our potential. Who needs that?!


People who have attended Grace for Shame live seminars were literally jumping for joy in excitement over how God enlarged their horizons and set them free. I wanted to be able to give others this same opportunity so I developed an online version that’s available for the first time. 


Through scriptures, stories, songs, and small group interaction this seminar will enable you (or someone you care about) to:

  • discover what’s been undermining your confidence

  • recognize unhealthy responses to shame

  • explore a new dimension of God’s grace

  • stifle the voice of shame

  • recover the joy of living

  • experience the love of God

That’s right, you can experience a New You in the New Year with the help of Grace for Shame.

Three Reasons to Look Closely

1. Whether you are battling shame yourself or you want to help those who do, this will help you break the stranglehold of shame that keeps you from living a full life.​


2. Most teaching in the church treats shame like guilt. But they are totally different. God’s solution for shame is unlike his solution for guilt. Take Grace for Shame to learn why healing shame is not about forgiveness. ​


3. Most remedies only deal with symptoms like eating disorders, divorce, depression. Grace for Shame goes to the root so people experience revelation and deep change. One person said, “I feel like I’ve been born again again!”

You might be thinking that shame isn’t my problem. That’s what Cherry thought too:

I didn't realize that the tentacles of shame experiences in the past wrap themselves around us and reach into our present lives, and affect the way we respond to certain things and people in our lives today. This seminar really helped me to understand why I sometimes have a two-ton reaction to a one-ounce irritation. It also helped me to see and understand others' reactions to me. I could not recommend this seminar any more highly!


Cherry Jenson, Norfolk, Virginia

What does it cost?


You will get one year of full access to:

  •  12 modules of material

  • Almost 6 hours of video teaching

  • Movie and music clips

Compare this to what you pay for two sessions of counseling or coaching. For the same price, you can access this material as many times as you want with as many people as you want in the next year.


Can I guarantee that you will be forever changed? No, but I can tell you that others who have taken this seminar have tapped into God’s love, reconnected with their destiny, and silenced shame. Healing shame isn’t a quick fix. It’s not enough just to watch the videos, you’ll also need to do the exercises to find freedom. 


But there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you decide to buy. If you are not satisfied with this seminar, let us know in the next 30 days and 100% of your money will be returned.

"I have been meaning to write to you for some time.  My usual practice is to wait for a season before evaluating the impact of a seminar experience ...and so I have!  But I have to tell you “Grace for Shame” was probably one of the most informative and impactful experiences I’ve had in 30 years of ministry.  In particular, the emphasis on joy has left lasting marks on both my heart and mind. Your teaching style is engaging and relaxed creating nice learning spaces for students to wonder, question and learn. Excellent work Robert!"


 Pastor Mark Spencer, Blaine, Minnesota


When you order you get immediate access to a user-friendly online learning platform. There you will find 12 modules of material including almost 6 hours of video, reflection exercises, prayers, and written handouts on Grace for Shame.


Better than a live seminar. You can go through this at your own pace - over a weekend or over several weeks. Watch it as many times as you want with as many people as you want. Your keys to slip free from shame will be there waiting for you for the next 12 months.