Grace for Shame
for Small Groups

 Don't go through this on your own. Get a group going.

Shame is one of the most devastating feelings you can have. Yet it often operates under the radar so you don’t even know what you are dealing with.


Shame magnifies our problems and minimizes our potential. Who needs that?!


Through scriptures, stories, songs, small group interaction, and steps for practical application, this 7 week group bible study will enable you to:

  • discover what’s been undermining your confidence

  • recognize unhealthy responses to shame

  • explore a new dimension of God’s grace

  • stifle the voice of shame

  • recover the joy of living

  • experience the love of God

This weekly Bible study with video teaching and interactive exercises is perfect for Support Groups and Home Groups

  • GFS Groups has questions for interacting with the teaching and the movie clips​

  • GFS Groups has pdf copies of a leader's guide and study guide for a 7 week series

  • GFS Groups offers "Dig Deeper" exercises which include meditations, prayers, memory verses, mirror cards, and steps for practical application. 


How is this 7 week GFS study different from the GFS online seminar?

Both are online but the GFS online seminar has 40 videos in 12 modules; this study uses 12 of those videos in a 7 week format, has more printed handouts, and adds new material.

How do I access the content?

All the material you need will be available in an online learning center. When you order, you will get an ID and PW to login and access your material. The study guide, leaders guide and other handouts can be downloaded as pdfs and printed for your group members. The videos can be watched together online when your group meets (on your own schedule).

Do I need a lot of experience to lead a group?

It's not a beginner's Bible study and it helps if you have had some experience leading group Bible studies before. But you don't need special insight into this topic to lead it. You can all learn together. Here's what Cherry had to say about her experience in leading one of the groups . . .

I was hesitant about leading a group because I didn’t feel qualified. I thought you needed to be a professional to facilitate such a group, but I decided to step out of the boat and try anyway. The material is so well organized, and flows so well, that it actually made my job as facilitator much easier than I thought! The questions and examples in each lesson were right on…they helped people learn about what shame was and the many ways it affects our lives. 

Buy one copy for $36 and make photocopies of the written material for your group.

Gather to watch the videos and discuss. 

Weekly Topics

  • Getting to the Heart: Root vs. Fruit

  • Know Who You Are: Being vs. Behavior

  • After the Adam Bomb: Shame's Fallout

  • Touching the Untouchable: Healing

  • Shame Pushes Our Buttons: Push Back

  • Heirs or Errors: The Love of the Father

  • Exchange at the Cross: Shame Scattered

Online Learning Center Screenshot

Here's a peek at the online learning center.  The actual site will be larger than what you see here and you will be able to play the videos full screen on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. 

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